Compass Pasta business card

Compass Pasta Business Card

Hsiao Jinlian designed these business cards for Compass Pasta, a Taiwanese Italian restaurant whose founder expects to be empathetic to customers.

When asked about the design concept behind this stunning visual identity, Jinlian replied, “Taiwan’s swallows are the birds that are closest to people and have the deepest memory of home. No matter how far they fly, they can rely on their amazing memory to return to their hometown, and they have the ability to build and return to their nests.”

“Therefore, the logo uses the concept of Taiwan’s ‘family swallows’ for the brand image: ‘Nest building’ symbolizes that every meal is to entertain the family. And ‘Journey to the Nest’ hopes that every ‘family’ who visits Compass Pasta house can be like a swallow and often return to visit for the beautiful and delicious cuisines.”

Compass Pasta logoCompass Pasta business cards

The typography used in the logotype is Cobaissi Serif, an elegant typeface for a modern, stylish design.

The illustration for the logo consists of swallow (family), noodle (hospitality) and tomatoes (quality and fresh ingredients).

It’s worth noting that the eggs in the nest are replaced with tomatoes instead as the design was inspired by a popular tomato-based Italian pasta, Pasta al pomodoro.

“Combining the beauty of dynamic and static, the noodles are wrapped into a nest and blended into the dynamics of the swallows, who spread their wings and return to the nest, showing the brand spirit full of vitality and enthusiasm,” Jinlian added.

These business cards were printed with letterpress and hot foil stamping by LanSid Design Studio in Taiwan.

Compass Pasta business card_2Compass Pasta business card_3Compass Pasta business card_4Compass Pasta menu and cardsCompass Pasta menu_2Compass Pasta menu_cards

Designed by Hsiao Jinlian at LanSid Design Studio

Printed by LanSid Design Studio

For Compass Pasta

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