Colors business card

Colors Wellness Business Card

Nespoulous Design designed these business cards for Benjamin Varnier who works as the CEO and coach of Colors.

Colors is a wellness and performance enterprise that helps people to develop personally, in their success and accomplishment of projects, self-confidence and personal well-being.

Speaking of the design process, Vincent Nespoulous, the Art Director at Nespoulous Design said, “At first, I worked globally on the different track/concept that I wanted to explore. Without going into too much detail, the idea is to look for photos that convey the desired atmosphere (it can be art photos, architecture, product and interior decoration). The idea is just to convey a concept.”

“Then, if the concept speaks to me, I go into more details and start exploring the different things that can be created.”

Colors logoColors pattern

“For this project, I had created 3 brand identity tracks: the 1st (which was chosen) which speaks of the human aspect and the well-being of the company – the happy side.”

“The second which is more serious, more chic and sober which speaks of the facets of the personality, which goes more in depth on the conceptualization of the person.”

“The third, talks about highlighting what we are through coaching sessions (revelations) via a set of patterns and colours.”

The chosen concept has a vibrant, friendly vibe with part of the brand name – OLO – been turned into ‘smiling eyes’ for that joyful, happy expression!

These business cards are not printed yet. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Vincent suggested,

“The cards would be screen-printed on Natural + Bright red Colorplan paper for a lasting impression.”

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Designed by Nespoulous Design

For Colors (Benjamin Varnier)

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