Collettivo Giungla business cards

Collettivo Giungla Artistic Collective Business Card

Collettivo Giungla designed these business cards for their branding as an artistic collective founded by Giulia Dall’Ara and Eugenio Bertozzi.

Collettivo Giungla is specializing in visual art, illustration, wall-painting and graphic design. As a brand that prides itself on artistic design, it’s no surprise that their business card design is both distinctive and memorable.

“The design goal was to mix different aesthetic styles, techniques and disciplines in a charming and funny way,” Giulia said.

“These business cards are a good example of what the poetry of the collective is.”

Collettivo Giungla illustration


Unique Typography & Illustration

What catches our eye in the design is none other than the striking typography and the unique drawing.

The fascinating feline stroke illustrations combine with the hand-made typography to create a whimsical, jungle-like aesthetic (Giungla).

According to Giulia, the research is aimed at the coexistence of illustrations, sparkling colours and charming lettering.

“Our business card is the blend of these elements, thanks to the fresh style of the illustration, a funny feline that becomes a sort of logo with a naive aesthetic, mixed with corrugated lettering.”

“The lettering is completely handmade, with a structure that reminds of condensed typography, but with playful shapes that define the real design of the letters.”

Collettivo Giungla business card_2


Striking Colour & Business Card Printing

Orange is the main colour used for the business card design. From what we learnt from Giulia, it was chosen to create a high contrast between the background and the graphic elements, which stand out from the beige bottom.

These business cards were digitally printed on Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife 300g by Tipografia Carta Bianca, a printing company in Faenza, Italy.


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Collettivo Giungla businesscardsCollettivo Giungla business card_front Collettivo Giungla illustrative business cardsCollettivo Giungla type and illustrationCollettivo Giungla_2Collettivo Giungla_1Collettivo Giungla artistic business card

Designed by Collettivo Giungla

Printed by Tipografia Carta Bianca

For Collettivo Giungla corporate branding

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