CollegeLab consultancy business cards

CollegeLab Education Consultancy Business Card

Studio Ping Pong designed these business cards for CollegeLab, an overseas education consultancy that specialises in student management and helps them to gain admission to their preferred college abroad.

The design of the consulting firm’s business cards is clean and professional. Despite being minimal, it avoided the stuffiness of a corporate look in favour of something fresh and modern.

These business cards are part of CollegeLab’s rebranding effort, which aims to reassure parents that they are making the best decision for their children’s academic future by choosing their service.

To accomplish this, Studio Ping Pong replaced the existing symbols of books and graduation hats with a new logotype and a special star.

CollegeLab consultancy logo


A New Logo and Graphical Elements

The star on the business card symbolizes the North Star, which is well-known for being a reliable navigational aid due to its constant presence in the northern sky.

By using the North Star as a metaphor for the one goal that students want to achieve, the brand comes across as reliable and trustful. The arrows on the card indicate the direction the students should take to get there.

“Instead of focusing on exams and grades, CollegeLab decided to be the experienced guide in a student’s journey to higher education,” said the graphic designer of Studio Ping Pong.

“Using the metaphor of the North Star, the brand’s mission became to be the shortest distance to specific goals the students had set for themselves.”

“We had to make the North Star a small symbol to be used easily on collaterals of any size and medium. It also had to complement the thick and thin strokes of the logo.”

CollegeLab consultancy Banner


A Modern and Solid Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is Bely by Typetogether.

“We wanted the brand to look like a legit consultancy in a sea of boring-looking academic platforms.”

“Therefore, Bely helps the brand to stay away from standard sans-serifs and have something that is modern and characteristic. Something sturdy and solid to represent the brand’s values.”

Other fonts used on the business card include Georgia and HK Grotesk, which were chosen to maintain the business card’s clean and straightforward look.

CollegeLab consultancy logo


An Edgy Colour Scheme

The business cards feature a primary colour palette of indigo with white text and blue directional arrows.

According to Studio Ping Pong, the colour palette serves as a callback to the classroom setting.

“While most competitors opted for a blue colour, we aimed to convey a new-age consultancy that used colours from universities, which are reds and blues.”

“However, we’d like to make them slightly edgy and contemporary and settled on indigo and magenta for the same.”

“The call back to the classroom setting refers to associations such as blue ink, blue-ruled notebooks, white papers etc.”

CollegeLab consultancy_Grid

Other colours used for the branding materials include green, light mint, orange and magenta. They provide the brand with bright, eye-catching visuals that would also evoke a sense of assurance.

“Subtle details like thin white lines, as used elsewhere in the branding, were used to compound this association.”

“Arrows on the lines, alongside the logo, were added to refer to the North Star metaphor. The colours were chosen to harken back to visuals associated with much-loved stationery.”

“The brand’s multiple digital and print touchpoints for onboarding students were broken down into easy-to-understand infographics and illustrations to engage young minds and ensure that educational material does not need to be boring and bland to be taken seriously.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Vistaprint.

Studio Ping Pong shared that they wanted the business cards to feel business-like and premium.

“The paper used was a matte premium card stock with a spot UV complementing the thick strokes in the typeface.”


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CollegeLab consultancy business cardCollegeLab consultancy billboard

Designed by Studio Ping Pong

Printed by Vistaprint

For CollegeLab

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