Coffee & Clay Co business cards

Coffee & Clay Co. Business Card

Waves designed these business cards for Coffee & Clay Co., a minimalistic pottery business that specialises in making cups and other clayware for coffee and all things cozy.

The idea of the business card is to present the brand in a straight-forward manner, with a warm and neutral vibe that’s often associated with pottery-making. However, a few creative decisions by the studio made the brand more personal and approachable.


Brand Image & Logo Design

“Coffee & Clay wants to portray itself as a cozy home clayware pottery studio,” said Nicole Ong, the founder of Waves.

“The brand specialises in making minimalist mugs, bowls, plates, and other functional pieces.”

“While the brand image is simple and minimalistic, it is not perfect, since most handmade items are most charming when there are little imperfections.”

The logo design took inspiration from the clayware that the business specialises in.

“Since Coffee & Clay makes mugs and bowls, the logo is made up of those items stacked on top of one another,” Nicole explained.

“Three items were chosen to represent the three Cs in the brand name or website ( / Coffee & Clay Co).”

Coffee & Clay beige logo


Handwritten Typography and Neutral Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is based on lemonade. It’s a simple, tall font that evokes a friendly vibe. Times Sans Serif is used for the body text.

Lemonade is a pretty font that resembles brush handwriting, giving off the same expression of charming imperfection as the brand image.”

Waves chose earth tones for the brand’s colour palette.

“Like a colour of clay, we opted for neutral colours to fit the cozy and minimalistic direction of the brand,” Nicole said.


Business Card Printing

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Nicole suggested, “We envision the use of embossing to give the paper more texture.”

“On top of that, we intend to use matte texture paper to give the card a gritty and handmade look and feel.”


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Designed by Waves Design Studio

For Coffee & Clay Co

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