Coastal Boards business cards

Coastal Boards Surfboard Company Business Card

Marquis Odobas designed these business cards for Coastal Boards, a surfboard company based in Santa Cruz, California.

According to Marquis, the business card is meant to show that the brand is free-spirited, nature-inspired, warm and welcoming, with an emphasis on good vibes and relaxed energy from their target audience.

What draws people’s attention is none other than the summer feel overall, and of course, the waves and palm trees.

Coastal Boards logo_1

“The logo has a hand-drawn vibe to it with a handwritten typeface called Woodland that has an imperfectly perfect circle encompassing the palm tree,” Marquis explained.

“It has a vintage flair with the dots within the pictorial mark.”

“As for the colour palette, it resembles nature, beaches and the sunset.”

“Its muted tones are vintage-inspired and our goal was to transport you to a relaxing beach vacation.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Marquis suggested, “The cards would be matte and printed on recycled paper.”

“As they are a business that cares for the environment, the matte finish aligns with their vintage aesthetic.”

“We’ve also decided that having the corners rounded would add a unique touch to their business cards.”


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Designed by Marquis Odobas

For Coastal Boards

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