Clairy Air Purifier Business Card

Clairy Air Purifier Business Card

Roberto Salodini designed these business cards for Clairy Inc., a natural air purifier company based in Milan, Pordenone and San Francisco.

“Clairy is an Italian and American startup that sells a filterless natural air purifier with an outstanding design and a groundbreaking tech core, handcrafted in Italy and connected to your smartphone,” Roberto said.

“It tracks indoor air pollution and removes them, making sure your home is free from dangerous elements, toxins while generating fresh, new air.”

The design idea was inspired by the product itself – a smart and appealing piece of decor that not only looks good but does its job as well (purifies air).

It’s important to reflect ‘nature, technology and design’ in the brand’s visual identity, thus the stunning colour palette with the plant images as the backdrop of the card.

These business cards were printed on 360gsm glossy paper by Vistaprint.

“The light-catching gloss complemented the design well,” Roberto added.

All in all, this is a minimalist yet trendy business card design!


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Clairy Air Purifier Business Cardclairy

Designed by Roberto Salodini

Printed by Vistaprint

For Clairy Inc.

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