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City Grin Orthodontics Business Card

Yuri Shvets designed these business cards for City Grin Orthodontics, a premier dental office located in Kenmore, Washington.

City Grin provides comprehensive orthodontic care that brings positive impact on the lives of the patients and their families. Its goal is to brighten the city, one healthy and happy grin at a time.

Due to this, the business card design is clean and fresh, with rounded corners that lend a friendly vibe to the brand.

Logo Design & Typography

In conjunction with the brand name, a logo with a happy smile was created.

“The logo was inspired by an idea of a modern city filled with happy people, whose smiles have been improved by this passionate and caring orthodontic doctor and her staff,” Yuri explained.

“The cheerful letter ‘C’ acts as a bespoke emoji symbol which helps to reinforce an uplifting feeling associated with a positive orthodontic experience.”

“The clean and friendly sans serif typography in tandem with the minty green colour evokes an image of a bespoke orthodontic practice that’s confident and professional yet also down-to-earth and caring.”

CityGrin Branding_2

Business Card Printing

The business cards were printed by Evolution Press, a premier letterpress shop based in Seattle, WA.

According to Yuri, the cards were duplexed to make them look sleek and sturdy. The logo and contact information were letterpress printed to achieve a timeless and sophisticated look and feel.

Then, the cards were trimmed using a die that included gentle rounded corners to accentuate their warmth and approachability.

CityGrin business card

Extra: Appointment Card

Print West printed City Grin’s appointment cards. As a special touch, these cards have been designed to include a custom hand-written fill-in information.

“This customization added another layer of tactility, authenticity, and fun for the front desk administrator as well as the patient,” Yuri said.

“By drawing a circle around the specific day of each new appointment, the front desk staffer was essentially recreating the logo in a personal and highly informal way.”

Overall, this business card (and appointment card) has the ability to stand out from the competition and be that one card that people remember from the stack!


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CityGrin appointment cardCityGrin brandingCityGrin mobile websiteCityGrin postcard

Designed by Yuri Shvets

Printed by Evolution Press & Print West

For City Grin Orthodontics

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