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Christin Rori Linz Illustrator Business Card

Ira Arturawna designed these business cards for Christin Rori Linz, a graphic designer based in Cologne, Germany.

Ira created the visual branding based on Christin’s expertise in illustrations. She needed an impactful design that not only speaks of the client’s professional background but for that memorable impression as well.

Therefore, Ira brought the design back to basics by keeping it clean and simple, but not without a few twists here and there.

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The typography was cleverly chosen for a creative, elegant vibe; the colours are bold and with nice gradients, creating a three dimensional effect that’s both catchy and dynamic.

To complement the design, the business card applies a vertical layout with rounded corners.

When it comes to the catchy logotype, Ira uses Arthemys typeface (by Morgane Van Torre) for her client’s name and designation.

As for the contact details on the card, she uses Editorial New (by Pangram.Pangram).

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “I would suggest the cards to be printed on a high-quality, structured paper with a high grammage,” Ira said.

“The cards should look elegant and high quality, and reflect the quality of the designer’s work.”


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Designed by Ira Arturawna

For Christin Rori Linz

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