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Chit Par Jewelry Business Card

Poke. Studio designed these business cards for Chit Par, a jewelry brand that produces a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches with modern designs.

The client approached Poke. Studio for the branding project, including naming, designing the company’s logo, packaging and stationery.

Chit Par Jewelry LogoChit Par Jewelry 5Chit Par Jewelry Invoice Envelope Stickers
The brand name ‘Chit Par’ was inspired from loving one’s imperfections and feeling empowered to be different.

“Unlike most jewelry brands, Chit Par embraces the naturally occurring imperfections of the gemstones being used in their products. Wearing Chit Par Jewelry is more than having a fashionable accessory on you; it is to make a statement of celebrating a unique personal identity,” explained Poe, the Creative Director of Poke. Studio.

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“The brand, Chit Par, is a symbol of self-love and accepting one’s imperfections. The elegant logomark is created using Myanmar alphabets which directly translate as ‘Love Me’. Warm and serene colours are used to further expand on the theme of self-love. The purpose of the brand is to empower and we strive to achieve it in a minimalistic style.”

Chit Par Jewelry Thank you cardChit Par Jewelry 12
The typography used in the visual identity is Acme Gothic Wide.

These business cards were printed on 250gsm card stock using the raised Spot UV method on the logo at the front by a printing company in Yangon, Myanmar.

Chit Par Jewelry Business CardsChit Par Jewelry Thank you cardsChit Par Jewelry Invoice SheetChit Par Jewelry 3Chit Par Jewelry 14Chit Par Jewelry 15

Designed by Poke. Studio

For Chit Par Jewelry

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