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Champagne M. Marcoult Winemaker Business Card

Camille Gabarra designed these business cards for Champagne M. Marcoult, a winemaker who creates divine wine because champagne is, above all, good wine.

The family factory has existed since 1967, so they do not yet have the legitimacy of these great champagne houses (royal legacy or old coats of arms).

Even so, the brand is in need of an identity that can reflect their image as a high-end but simple champagne maker dedicated to crafting a good champagne in the old-fashioned way.

As a result, Camille came up with a business card design that’s simple yet elegant, but also one that will stand the test of time.

M Marcoult business card stationery


The Monogram of M. Marcoult

When it comes to designing the logo, Camille focused on what really matters for her client, by creating a meaningful monogram that incorporated the company image and the brand owner’s name.

“I created a stamp and a monogram that resembled a crown. Michel Marcoult founded M. Marcoult in 1967, and the monogram is a tribute to him.”

“By using the initials together, M+M not only creates the crown but can also be used to design a pattern for the box of bottles.”

M Marcoult logoChampagne M Marcoult_box pattern


Classy Typography & Solid Colours

The main typeface used for the visual identity is Tungsten (from Hoefler&Co). It’s a sans serif font that’s bold and has a clean look.

Camille paired the main typeface with Google Fonts, Spectral, for the word “CHAMPAGNE” which conveys a classic and classy touch, and Trade Gothic for the rest of the text, as it’s so legible.

Camille chose two colours for the brand’s colour palette: a specific green to represent vineyards and a chalk grey to represent the “crayères” of great houses where the champagne ages in barrels deep underground.

“I used Colorplan paper from G.F Smith, which is distributed in France by Procop, to select the best green and grey to match my choice of identity palette. In my opinion, it’s up there with the best papers that are available nowadays.”

M Marcoult stationery


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were letterpress printed by Spind, a printing studio in France.

“The business cards were duplexed with G.F Smith Colorplan Racing Green 270g and G.F Smith Colorplan Mist 175g.”

“Spind printed the business cards using Pantone 567 U and Pantone 9226 U, and Kurz Luxor K233 for gold hot stamping, with particular attention to details.”

“We also decided to print communication cards and envelopes at Spind to complete the stationery: Allard Emballage printed the packaging box, while Maximilien Metayer printed the stationery.”


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Champagne M Marcoult stationeryChampagne M Marcoult typographyM Marcoult business card envelope Champagne M Marcoult_packaging Champagne M Marcoult_boxM Marcoult logo_2M Marcoult box

Designed by Camille Gabarra

Printed by Spind

For Champagne M. Marcoult

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