C’est de l’Art business card

C’est de l’Art Art Gallery Business Card

Anton Chertkov designed these business cards for C’est de l’Art, an art gallery in France.

According to Anton, this project is a branding concept for the art gallery inspired by the artworks of Frédéric Durieu.

“Frédéric Durieu creates art with the help of computer algorithms since 1994.”

“Huge installations and interactive works are only part of his repertoire, with other words, he is a pioneer of new media art. His works are displayed in major museums all around the globe.”

“In 2009, he and Nathalie Erin founded ‘C‘est de l‘Art’, a non-profit organization that supports artists and exhibitions of interactive art and paintings.”

“Over time the small association grew into a significant art gallery project. They organize big events and invite artists/designers a couple of times in a year.”

C’est de l’Art business cards


Logo Design, Typography and Colours

The keywords that were important in the design process were dynamic, active, motion, living, simple and bold.

Explaining more about the logo design, Anton said, “The design language of the gallery hasn’t changed a lot from the original association back in 2009.”

“I created a new logo for C‘est de l‘Art that reflects the exciting and colourful world of new media art.”

“The idea behind the logo is to combine the plain, one-dimensional world of binary code with the two-dimensional world of pixels, to get three-dimensional interactive media art.”

“The RGB colors represent the digital age. It is simple but highly modular at the same time.”

“The result is an interactive cube, which can take many different forms – some of them are presented in this presentation.”

“For example the cube can be used to convey a certain message by transforming itself into a different object with the help of animation.”

“As the legibility and the universal use of typography were important, I chose the beloved classic, of course I am talking about Helvetica.”

C’est de l’Art logo and wordmarkC’est de l’Art logo animation


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Bunter Druck in NRW, Germany.

“The cards were printed on super fine 500g Munken paper and fit with a soft touch foil,” Anton said.

“What I was trying to achieve here is a feeling of something familiar and well established.”

“By holding these business cards you are reminded of a bright place that is worth visiting at least once a year for a great event.”


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Designed by Anton Chertkov

Printed by Bunter Druck

For C’est de l’Art

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