Cerimon House Art business cards

Cerimon House Non-Profit Business Card

HUB Collective designed these business cards for Cerimon house, a non-profit humanities and cultural arts organisation located in the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon.

Cerimon House provides an inviting space where the entire community can connect through activities such as arts, education, performances, rentals, memorials, gatherings and celebration.

“The name ‘Cerimon House’ originates from the healer in Shakespeare’s play, Pericles,” explained Anthony Giltner, the Strategic Project Manager at HUB Collective.

“In the story, the character’s house stands by the sea and is a warm harbor where one may find healing, wisdom and renewal on their journey.”

“Cerimon House seeks to offer the same experience in providing a convening space for programming and ceremony, and by curating conversations with teachers, philosophers and leaders to deepen understanding, and engage minds in the community.”

There’s a maze-like pattern on the business card that simulates a labyrinth that actually exists in the Cerimon House itself – it’s 33ft. sq. on the floor of the main auditorium and is open for community use.

People come for the signature monthly labyrinth walk that allows them to meditate, unplug, focus, restore and recalibrate. How intriguing!

These vertical business cards were printed by Mollet in Portland, Oregon. In order to fit the budget, the illusion of texture was created instead of using costly embossing printing methods.

Designed by HUB Collective

Printed by Mollet

For Cerimon House

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