Carolina Agudelo business card

Carolina Agudelo Material Culture Expert Business Card

Arutza Rico designed these business cards for Carolina Agudelo, who’s a specialist that works with materials and crafters.

Material culture expert Carolina works with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries, including architecture, fashion and gastronomy. She advises, creates and produces projects or pieces for her clients.

Carolina’s business card has a vertical layout that embraces minimalism. A QR code on the front provides the company’s contact information, while gold foil and an elegant logotype on the back convey the brand’s artistic and elegant aesthetic.

Carolina Agudelo logo

Typography & Icon

Arutza designed a custom logotype based on a contemporary and stylish font inspired by fashion magazine editorials.

She said, “The letterforms are connected or transformed by each other in order to communicate the mutation of the elements.”

“The icon is also, a transformative and repetitive symbol made from a curved line, which suggests the change, the flexibility and the fluidity of the materials.”

Carolina Agudelo logos

Colours & Illustration

Grey, black, and violet make up the colour palette of the brand and they were inspired by the earthy tones of the ground.

“These soft colours are mixed with the power of gold (colour) to express one of the colours that the founder loves to use in her projects.”

Other brand elements including the botanical illustrations, which according to Arutza, are loose and fresh. “Different forms appears by the drawing of circle threads, suggesting the mix and movement of the materials.”

When it comes to printing, Arutza suggested having the business cards printed with lithography with a gold foil stamp on the front (the monogram) and gold ink for the back (the texture).

Carolina Agudelo business cards Carolina Agudelo icon Carolina Agudelo illustration Carolina Agudelo illustration2Carolina Agudelo monogram

Designed by Arutza Rico at Arutza Studio

For Carolina Agudelo

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