Carol Barros business cards

Carol Barros Architecture Business Card

Ingrid Novaes designed these business cards for Carol Barros, an architect and interior designer based in Brazil.

“The visual identity reflects Carol’s references of contemporary architecture, where minimalism reigns and basic & simple forms are the center of the design,” Ingrid said.

The business card has a simple, professional design with the use of pattern on one side while the contact details on another. The vertical layout is a clever choice to break through the norm and stand out from other regular horizontal cards.

Carol Barros’s logo design is a minimal yet special one, “The symbol is formed by the combination of the pictogram of letter ‘C’ and ‘B’ – her initials – from ancient and primitive drawings,” Ingrid explained.

Not only that, the logo also represents a roof and the structure of a house. The pattern design was based on the shapes from the symbol, which according to Ingrid, a combination that gives grace.

Carol Barros logoCarol Barros colour palette

The typography used in the visual identity are Laila for the logotype and PT Sans for the remaining texts.

As for the colour palette, Ingrid said, “Dark blue brings confidence and professionalism; a light magenta expresses the feminine side of the brand, and finally grey, contrasts with the other two in a way that refines everything.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I’d like them to be finished with varnish on the side where the pattern is, so they can stand out,” Ingrid suggested.

Overall, the business card is designed to express elegance, professionalism and with a modern feel!

Carol Barros_business cardsCarol Barros visual signCarol Barros letterheadCarol Barros helmetCarol Barros iconsCarol Barros digital media

Designed by Ingrid Novaes

For Carol Barros

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