Caffè Merrano Business Card

Dare Studio designed these business cards for Caffè Merrano, a new cafe in the heart of Budapest.

The owners’ love for coffee and Italy inspired the name and overall design.

“The owners wanted a fresh, lush greenery design with a little bit of Italian influence,” said Fanni, the Art Director at Dare Studio. “They gave us total freedom to come up with whatever we wanted. That’s a rare candy in any designer’s life! So it was a really great project on our end and they were pleased by the results as well.”

merrano logo and illustrationmerrano logo and illustration1
“The logo was designed around this tropical-Italian-lush idea with the leaf icon and an Italian classical, the Garamond Pro typeface. For the pattern, we asked a fellow designer and friend, Barbara Treszner from Coollab Design, to draw the main illustration for us. We chose the green colour inspired by the foliage of the plants, a calm green-gray for the web and café interior, and a classical gold for warmth and elegance,” Fanni said.

merrano leaves iconmerrano shop signsmerrano8
These business cards are not printed but according to Fanni, the cards were designed to be printed on 2x200g pure cotton paper.

“The thick cotton cards adding warmth and tangibility and the whole café was built around the words ‘fresh warmness’. The pattern would be printed in CMYK and the white logo on one side; gold information on the other side would be screen printed. We felt the letterpress foiling to be too blingy for this brand,” Fanni suggested.

Caffè Merrano business card caffe merrano stationery merrano stationery merrano packaging design merrano14

Designed by Dare Studio

For Caffè Merrano

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