Byoko business card

Byoko Restaurant Business Card

Francisca Irene Branding Studio designed these business cards for Byoko, a restaurant with a healthy, bio and km 0 (kilometre zero) philosophy based in Malaga, Spain.

“Byoko conveys all its values and activities in an inspiring way. It cooks and exists to make the only possible world come true: one that values the entire chain of ideation, production, distribution, transformation and communication of food in an honest and sustainable way,” Francisca said.

“Its daily task is to offer ‘magical moments’ that are translated into gastronomic experiences that help the clients enjoy dishes that elevate the spirit due to their aesthetic beauty, their ability to make the clients feel light, satisfied and sure that their way of eating contributes to building a better world.”

Logo Design & Illustrations

According to Francisca, Byoko’s star product – the Buddha bowl – is presented within the logo. The middle ‘O’ splits in two, reminiscent of that bowl brimming with healthy foods.

“The hand drawn illustrations were made using Chinese ink. They represent elements related to the kitchen, ingredients or objects that recall the universe and personality of Byoko. The illustrations reinforce the idea of man-made.”

“As Byoko’s direction goes, “We cook as our ancestors did, with seasonal ingredients, local and without additives, transforming that cooking into a current, creative, contemporary, honest and real cuisine“. The past and the future meet again in Byoko with these illustrations.”

“We also made a 7-meter mural inside the restaurant – a hand-painted illustration in Chinese ink – that reflects the process of the restaurant ‘From the Field to the Table’.


The logotype was composed of a sans serif typeface and clean lines; modern, current and speaks to us of the present and the future.

“The tagline and ‘Bio’ ‘km 0’ are displayed in a serif typeface that gives the logo elegance. The combination between the two is sophisticated, and tells us about the quality that can be found in simplicity,” Francisca said.

Colour Palette

The colour palette was inspired by the colours of old photographs and Byoko’s natural food – starting from the black/white of the first photographs to sepia that characterizes the passage of time.

“It is a palette loaded with meaning, since it tells us about that other time, in which our relationship as humans with food was based on closeness, on the season of the year. Where the nutrients came to us through the earth and not from machines and ultra-processed, without plastic wrap and endless lists of ingredients.”

These business cards were printed on recycled paper of 350g and duplexed; digital printing on the illustrations while silkscreen printing on the texts. All were done by a local printing company in Malaga.

Designed by Francisca Irene Branding Studio

For Byoko

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