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By Electra (Just in case) Art Project Business Card

Adriana Mora designed these business cards for By Electra, a personal 3D illustration and art direction project of Adriana’s in which she worked and collaborated with 3D illustration teams around the world.

Adriana had been working on a methodology for visual system development for the past four years. She experimented with tools like 3D illustration and photography; bringing these systems to new visual languages. Consequently, this experimentation process had taken Adriana to create By Electra in which everything seems like a copy of a copy at first glance.

Just in case business card1byelectra business card

“The visual conceptualization of the branding pieces is based on the systematization of interchangeable pieces, like we see in Legos. So, the overall aesthetic appeals to a very playful and almost childish style,” Adriana said.

Apart from its creative branding materials, By Electra’s business card design amazed us with its unique approach – there are some candies that are edible inside the cards! Come to think of it, exchanging contact/work possibilities using candies in a business card, now that’s a revolutionary way to impress the prospects.

For the typography, Adriana used the Sporting Grotesque typeface – ‘Schoener Fork’ by Lucas Le Bihan. It’s a perfect choice to complement this minimalist yet creative business card.

Adriana created these business cards using vellum paper and printed them herself using laser inkjet printer.

byelectra_crayon boxbyelectra_tote bagbyelectra_envelopes

Designed by Adriana Mora

Printed by Adriana Mora

For By Electra

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