Yurga Donovan Business Card

Yurga Donovan designed these business cards for her personal branding as an interior and clothing designer based in Lithuania.

Yurga’s business card has a graceful and elegant vibe to it. It’s particularly eye-catching with a beautiful lettering on top of the gorgeous, warm, nude colour cardstock.

Speaking about her minimalistic design, Yurga said, “I wanted something minimalistic and personal; with a touch of classic elegance. So no pictures or drawings were used on the card, except minimal wordings. That’s my very own handwriting on the front side.”

In case you’re wondering, this is actually a double-sided card with important contact info on the back, and that’s not all! “I chose good quality paper for that classic feel, including a hidden sophistication at the bottom of the card – a gold line,” Yurga added. That one gilded edge adds personality and edginess to Yurga’s branding. Smart move!

These business cards were printed on 700 gsm Nubuck Brown cardstock by Elegante Press via letterpress and gilding techniques.

Designed by Yurga Donovan

Printed by Elegante Press

For Yurga Donovan personal branding

Business Card Printing
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