Yoisho Ramen Business Card

Senka designed these business cards for Yoisho Ramen, a ramen shop based in Jakarta.

“Known as Jakarta’s first craft ramen, Yoisho Ramen is all about friendliness, the joy of slurping, fusion ramen, breaking the rules while also respecting the tradition. That’s how we got into the actualization of the little girl with the swirl,” said Sebastianus Seno, the Co-Founder of Senka.

This visual identity also represents a friendlier vibe and youthful energy with the cartoon character, Yo-chan, which is named after the brand name ‘Yoisho’.

These business cards were printed by KYUB Studio using textured thick Old Mill paper with bright red side print.

Designed by Senka

Printed by KYUB Studio

For Yoisho Ramen

Business Card Printing
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