Yella Pizza Business Card

Yella business cards

Monolith Agency designed these business cards for Yella, a Greek style pizza.

According to Guillaume Germain, the founder of Monolith Agency, the client’s previous brand image was perceived as too ‘high end’ and intimidated the customers.

“The goal was to create a branding that was more approachable and welcoming,” he said.

The business card uses a striking illustration to capture people’s attention, while the rest of the design remains clean and simple with all the necessary contact info.

“In order to make the logo look friendlier, fun and unique, we opted to go with a simple friendly face framed with what could look like braided bread positioned in the shape of an open mouth,” Guillaume explained.

Yella logoYella pizza box

The typeface used on the business card design is called Bureau Grot. It’s a simple, fun, curvy font that’s bold yet not too pressuring. Blue is used throughout the design and it’s a nice contrast to the white background.


These business cards were printed by Zoum, a printing service in Quebec, Canada.

“These were basic but sturdy 32pts business cards with edges – the same white colour as the front and back,” Guillaume said.

Yella business cardYella wet napYella CupYella_2 Yella_1Yella mobile

Yella posters

Designed by Monolith Agency

Printed by Zoum

For Yella

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