Xfive Web Development Business Card

XFive business cards

Obys Agency designed these business cards for Xfive, a web development agency founded by a team of developers from Poland. It is located in San Francisco, Melbourne and Krakow.

According to Olia Olianishyna, the Manager at Obys, their team was responsible for all the redesigning process – from the logotype to website. The idea was to express the high professionalism and confidence of Xfive, after having developed websites for a long period of time. The logo has two colours and it was created in such a way that it look more confident and stable in a visual plan. The reddish colour is to reflect the desire for growth and development.


A feature of this set of corporate business cards is the use for the front side of a unique randomly generated pattern based on the grid of the logo, which was built on the basis of the X symbol. The sans-serif font used on the card was Manrope font. It was chosen due to the shape of the signs of the font has similar geometric shapes with the logo.

If you’re into minimal business cards with striking patterns, this is a creative one that’s not to be missed!

XFive cards

Designed by Obys Agency

For Xfive company

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