Wild & Free Sisterhood Coaching Business Card

wild & free sisterhood business cards

Hannah Erber designed these business cards for Wild & Free Sisterhood, a coaching service founded by a holistic coach named Kathrin Hansen that helps women with the goal of ‘stepping into your fullest self’.

“The goal behind the business cards was to portray the feeling of sisterhood. We wanted a design that reflects strong women, who are connected with their intuition; support each other and are rooted in nature,” Hannah said.

wild & free sisterhood_1

Illustration & Logo

The square layout is perfect for the business card design, as not only it gives the brand a modern vibe, but can accommodate both the illustration and logo very well!

“The core illustration is the portraits of a hugging diverse group of women who are standing side by side,” Hannah said.

“In order to illustrate the natural spirit of women, whom Kathrin wants to attract, I created a logo suite of various emblematic logos that were modeled on outlines from stones. Combined with different watercolour textures, the branding gives a warm, bohemian feel.”

wild & free sisterhood businesscardwild & free sisterhood logos

Colours & Typography

Explaining the brand colours, Hannah said, “Kathrin is a digital nomad who started her coaching journey in Portugal. Therefore, we came up with a colour palette that reminds one of the freeing ocean, beaches and the orange cliffs of the Portuguese coast.”

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“For the typography, I chose a combination of a serif-font, Didot Regular, and a lettering font called Quentin in order to balance out the wild character of Kathrin’s soul and the thoughtful, responsible character of her work as a coach.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on paper with strong organic feel of ecofibers and a heavy weight, e.g. 600gsm,” Hannah suggested.

wild & free sisterhood business cardwild & free sisterhood branding2wild & free sisterhood branding

Designed by Hannah Erber

For Kathrin Hansen Coaching

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