Weiss Hair Business Card

Weiss Hair business cards2

Jessica Villanueva designed these business cards for Weiss Hair, a hair salon in Melbourne, Australia.

“The brand image is fun, unique, groovy and fresh. Very cool vibes portrayed through the fun brand colours,” Jessica said.

Weiss Hair logo


The business card has a unique, jelly bean/pill shape that will no doubt capture people’s attention upon seeing it.

“We wanted to explore a unique approach to a standard business card shape.”

Speaking of the logo design, she continued, “The logo typeface is a modern take on the 70’s groovy era. It incorporates a bold serif font with a hint of 70’s type.”

“This is shown in the ‘a’ of the brand name ‘Hair’, as it is slightly curvier than the other letters. We keep the design simple enough to not date yet groovy enough to bring some flair.”

Weiss Hair logo optionsWeiss Hair business card3

According to Jessica, the colour palette is also a modern take on the 70’s era as it takes the fun bold colour, “However, we’ve made them soft, approachable and friendly to represent the brand.”

These business cards were printed on 400gsm cotton paper with blind embossing with pantone PMS ink by Stitch Press.

Weiss Hair business card

Weiss Hair business cardsWeiss Hair logo2Weiss Hair business cards4

Designed by Jessica Villanueva at J Villa Designs

Printed by Stitch Press

For Weiss Hair

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