Upgrade Business Card

Upgrade business cards

HeyMoon Agency designed these business cards for Upgrade, a contemporary beauty studio in city centre of Samara.

Upgrade provides services such as eyebrow grooming, makeup & nails, massage and more. The studio aims to treat customers as they are on holidays.


The business card is designed to portray a brand image that resembles pop-art style – something bright and funny, like comics, fireworks and confetti.

“The design inspirations were taken from comics, confetti, and pictures by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, who were leading figures in the visual art movement known as pop art,” explained Natasha Nikulina, the Graphic Designer at HeyMoon Agency.

Upgrade pricelist

Logo Design & Typography

The logotype is cleverly designed and placed against a background with colourful patterns. The idea is to deliver the brand message that Upgrade is a modern beauty studio with serious approach, but gives their client a good mood.

“We wanted to create an elegant logotype, but not very serious. So, we combined two styles of fonts – elegant with thick/thin strokes and modern minimalistic. Final type must be black to create contrast with the multi-coloured patterns,” Natasha said.

Upgrade business card2

Patterns & Symbol

According to Natasha, three types of pattern are used in the business card design:

Stripes – energy (up!) and lines of lashes.

Circles – confetti, fireworks; symbols of holidays.

Smooth abstract shapes – drips of paint (for nails).

Upgrade Stationery

Upgrade business card_contacts

By adding a colourful tulip symbol on the contact details side of the card, it grabs the prospect’s attention instantly. It also symbolizes fresh and beauty.

These business cards were digitally printed on solid matte cardboard by BeePrint, a printing company located in Samara, Russia.

Upgrade business cardUpgrade branding2Upgrade loyalty card

Upgrade gift vouchersUpgrade CertificatesUpgrade interior design

Designed by HeyMoon Agency

Printed by BeePrint

For Upgrade

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