Tsitsi Concept Business Card

Tsitsiconcept business card

Francesca Luzi designed these business cards for Tsitsi Concept, an independent fashion brand and a nomadic atelier.

Tsitsi Concept uses fabrics from warehouse stocks. Each garment is designed, printed and hand-sewn by two young Italian designers, Fabiana and Costanza.

The Brand Name

The idea of the brand was born one day on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, where both founders were on vacation.

“At some point, it started to rain. So, Costanza and Fabiana hid in the National Museum of Modern Art – a museum full of mirrors,” Francesca explained.

“When they looked at each other, they noticed that they were two women who, just like breasts, may look the same from a distance but then up close are characterised by their differences. This is how the brand name Tsitsi, came into the light. It actually means breasts in Bulgarian.”

tsitsiconcept branding


Typography & Patterns

The brand is full of colour and vitality, and this mood is already evident in their products. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this has also been reflected in their new logo design.

“A young and fresh identity, made up of playful and irregular shapes, and bright colours. A fundamental element is ‘repetition’. Two women, two breasts, two ‘S’s, this is how the logotype was created.”

The typeface used for the logotype is called Variex while the secondary font is Chillax. Both were chosen based on the inspiration of playful and irregular shapes.


A distinct geometric pattern can be found on the front of the business card. It takes up the letter “S” from the logotype and represents the concept of repetition.

The brand’s colour palette is mainly red and pink, inspired by the contrast and energy of the two shades – feminine but strong. They are bright, cheerful colours, which according to Francesca, give the idea of spring time.

For card-printing, Francesca suggested having the business cards printed on matte art paper, with the front logo slightly embossed or glossy.

tsitsiconcept business cardsTsitsiconcept_products

tsitsiconcept_logoTsitsiconcept_branding1Tsitsiconcept posters

Designed by Francesca Luzi

For Tsitsi Concept

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