Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux Beauty Service Business Card

Thirteen Twelve business cards

Diff Studio designed these business cards for Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux, a beauty service provider specialising in semi-permanent eyebrows in Malaysia.

The French word fabuleux, which means “outstanding”, means “excellence” in English. Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux’s goal is to make each of their valued customers even more fabulous and exceptional by giving them the best service possible.

The business card design is elegantly designed with the idea of expressing girl boss and the message of transition and change.

Also, there’s a special meaning behind those numbers as well.

Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux stationery

Logo Design

Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux, or “1312 Fabuleux”, is named after the business owner’s birthdate – the 13th of December.

The company’s mission is to serve its customers wholeheartedly because the pronunciation of the numbers “1312” is actually similar to the pronunciation of the word “whole-heartedly” in Cantonese (一心一意).

As a result, the inspiration for the logo design was drawn from the name’s origins and connotation.

Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux LogoThirteen Twelve Fabuleux logotype

Typography & Colours

The typeface used for the logotype and headline is Playfair Display while the Source Sans Pro is used for body text.

As the primary typeface, Playfair Display is great for legibility while appearing chic and serious at the same time.

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To match the sophisticated vibe of the business card, bronze and navy blue were chosen as the brand’s colours. According to the designer of Diff Studio, “It’s all about femininity (bronze) and the projection of seriousness (navy blue).”

These business cards were digitally printed with hot stamping.

Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux business cardsThirteen Twelve Fabuleux brandingThirteen Twelve branding3Thirteen Twelve Invoices Thirteen Twelve branding2

Designed by Diff Studio

For Thirteen Twelve Fabuleux

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