The LifeStyled Co. Interior Design Business Card

The Lifestyled Co business card

Kirsten Kizerian designed these business cards for The LifeStyled Co., an interior design firm based in Arizona.

The desert styled colour palette was to simulate the Arizona environment. “The client has a really clean desert living style with minimalist decor and nature inspired colour palettes,” Kirsten said.

Kirsten and her client chose rust and nude with black for the colour palette. The colours work so well together with the typography that they make the cards look simple yet elegant! Let it be the creative lettering of ‘organic desert living’ or the big ‘L’ on the front of the card, all contributed to a stylish and memorable visual identity.

The Lifestyled Co stationery
These business cards are design mockups Kirsten made for presentation purposes. For the printing suggestions, Kirsten said, “The cards would be printed on heavy cotton paper as they are in the images, maybe even letterpressed as well.”

The Lifestyled Co business card

Designed by Kirsten Kizerian at West End Girl Studio

For The LifeStyled Co.

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