The Fit Room Gym Business Card

Tom Wegrzyn designed these business cards for The Fit Room, a gym located in Richmond Hill, Canada.

“The curves of the human body and the round/circular shapes of the weights were the main inspiration for the business card,” Tom said.

“The card also had to appeal to male and female audience. I had to get away from straight lines not only for the cards but also for the brand (the logo).”

“It needed to be organic and free of constraints like the typical rectangular card.”

Apart from the unique shape (oblong), The Fit Room’s business card design comes in various (striking) colours as well.

“The colors for the business cards represent the 5 core services at The Fit Room; they also use color coded weights,” Tom explained.



The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Priority Print Plus.

According to Tom, he wanted the business cards to feel like floor rubber mats used in fitness facilities.

“To achieve this feel without breaking the budget, the business cards were printed on textured paper with a velvet lamination.”

“It actually feels like rubber to the touch! The texture does help.”


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Designed by Tom Wegrzyn

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Printed by Priority Print Plus

For The Fit Room

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