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Tea for two designed these business cards for their corporate branding, a Madrid-based graphic design studio founded by Paloma Losada and Jorge Palomar.

Tea for two’s work is based on understanding the needs of their clients and resolving them graphically and proactively.

“We listen to our customers as this is the best way of fully appreciating their products and services. Once we have understood their communication needs, we take the reins of the project, which is the touchstone of our work as a graphic design company,” Paloma and Jorge said.

“This is something our clients appreciate, and this is why they rely on our judgement to implement the resources we consider most appropriate, whether this is a proposal for a logo, a corporate magazine or the redesign of a website,” Paloma and Jorge said.

tea for two logo

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Logo Design & Stunning Colours

When it comes to designing their very own business cards, Paloma and Jorge proffer some beautiful midnight blue business cards printed with a bright metallic sky blue.

To stand out from the crowd, the card design uses a vertical layout and minimalist design, while making the contact info ‘conversational’ for a friendly vibe.

And that’s not all!

“We wanted our business cards to reflect us as the founder of the studio. Therefore, our logo is only complete when you place both of our cards together – and that’s one of the wow factors our cards have.”


Typography & Business Card Printing

“A gorgeous sky blue foil is not very common to see. We discussed a lot with some printers to be sure our idea could be perfectly executed and the cards would stand the test of time.”

“Also, another wow factor is their touch. ‘Skin dark blue’ from the Curious Collection by Arjo Wiggins is a pleasure to the fingertips and, like most of the cards we designed, is thick.”

The typography used in the visual identity is Bree. According to Paloma and Jorge, the typeface fits well with their spirit: simple but playful; elegant but close.

These business cards were printed on delicate but thick Arjo Wiggins Skin dark blue 380g paper, using a gorgeous sky blue foil by TF Artes Gráficas in Spain.

tea for two business cardstea for two business cards3


Designed by Tea for two

Printed by TF Artes Gráficas

For Tea for two corporate branding

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