Studio NAMA Architecture Business Card

NAMA business_card

Studio SPGD designed these business cards for Studio NAMA, a company specializing in architecture and interiors.

SPGD managed the branding project including designing the logo, visual identity and stationery set.

The brand name, NAMA, is actually Arabic for growth, to cultivate, build up and nurture.

NAMA stationery2

“The architect’s design principles relied heavily on the concept of harmony in and around a space — which was the base concept behind Studio NAMA’s branding and custom-drawn logotype,” said Mara Tonetti, the Studio Manager at SPGD.

Undeniably, the business card is designed with minimalist approach in mind. However, its unique logotype and the embossing/debossing printing technique enhanced the card’s appearance, making it one of the fanciest, most tactile business cards we’ve ever seen.

Apart from the custom logotype, the secondary typeface used on the business card is Ogg.

These business cards were printed by SPIND, a printing company in Lognes, France.

“The cards were printed on 3 shades of Colorplan papers – Mist, Stone, and Racing Green – via embossing/debossing printing technique with white foil (supplied by Foilco),” Mara said.


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NAMA business card2NAMA stationeryNAMA business cardNAMA business card3 NAMA business cards_black

Designed by Studio SPGD

Printed by SPIND

For Studio NAMA

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