Sigilo Ceramics Business Card

Sigilo business cards

Próximo Studio designed these business cards for Sigilo, a product design project by Carolina Andrade and Duarte Galo inspired by Scandinavian design. All pieces are made on the potter’s wheel using raw materials.

Sigilo explores the relation between plants and human beings and their mutual needs, such as food, light and space.

The wordmark Sigilo uses the space to show its essence without sacrificing its natural elegance through the use of typography.


Logo Design

The business card is clean and elegant, effectively portraying Sigilo as a stylish and aesthetic brand.

“We followed a simple system where the logo must exist free and stand out for itself whenever possible,” explained Filipe Guimarães, the co-founder of Próximo Studio.

“Since the business card is a small piece and the logo uses half the space, we thought we could use half the space for the logo and the other half for the information in the opposite side, while still following the system where the logo appears on top and the info on the bottom.”

Sigilo stationery


Typography, Colours & Card Printing

The typeface used for the visual identity is Editorial New by Pangram Pangram Foundry. It gives a retro feel while still appearing classy and contemporary.

The same typeface is used throughout the identity with an honest treatment, allowing each element to find its place in harmony with the brand’s raw details.

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The colour scheme is a reflection of the life and object duality of the product.

“Mid Green and Natural colours are used to catch the essence of the brand. ‘Natural’ to represent the materials used by the product and ‘Mid Green’ to follow the product’s purpose: To live with plants,” Filipe said.

“To achieve the desired look and feel, the client requested a strong and elegant design with a raw feeling, which would be achieved by printing on Colorplan Mid Green and Colorplan Natural, two versions each weighing 540gsm.”

“As for the printing technique, it would be white matte foil stamping over Mid Green and black matte foil stamping over Natural,” Filipe suggested.


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Designed by Próximo Studio

For Sigilo

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