Sharing Philly Business Card

Kim Lincon designed these business cards for Sharing Philly, a community-created podcast that passionately explores the vibrant life of the city of Philadelphia.

The typography on the card is extremely eye-catching, especially the logo, despite it being a monochrome design.

“The client wanted to create a logo that reflected their podcast – that’s about the old becoming the new of Philadelphia,” said Kim Lincon, the Creative Director of Lynx & Co., “we wanted to bring in the element into the design, with a modern approach to the vintage industrial vibes of Philadelphia.”

Moo printed these business cards using textured, matte, luxe cardstock, which according to Kim, “Something thicker but more natural”. This is a functional design that matches the brand perfectly while being trendy at the same time.

Designed by Kim Lincon, owner of Lynx & Co

Printed by Moo

For Sharing Philly

Business Card Printing
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