Rose Poudré Business Card

Rose Poudre business cards

Nomade Studio designed these business cards for Rose Poudré, a beauty salon based in Liège, Belgium.

“Rose Poudré was opened by Florence in 2012 and since then, she never stopped to improve her skills, services and the selection of products she used and sold,” said Christophe Lonneux, the Designer at Nomade Studio.

“In a very ‘cocooning’ atmosphere, she mainly takes care of women and uses all her savoir-faire in order to relax them, make them beautiful and have a good time.”



Rebranding & Logo Design

Nomade Studio managed the rebranding project to modernize the visual identity but also increasing its positioning. The business card is designed to reflect the services provided – more upscale while remaining affordable – and expressing an elegant, refined and welcoming brand image.

Nomade based the new logo design from the previous one. When asked about the inspiration for the new adjustments, Christophe replied, “The previous logo already had an ‘R’ with a long tail finish. We have reused this shape by integrating it directly into the new logo in the form of a ligature.”

“While the inscription of the logotype does not imprint any precise inspiration, the typographical environment that evolves around it imprints the codes of Art Deco that I particularly like. This artistic movement has hooks with the positioning that we wanted to give to the institute. A spirit of beauty, flowers and elegance.”

Rose Poudre logoRose Poudre submarks


The typography of the brand name is a customized version of the Recoleta font (made by Jorge Cisterna, Latinotype). The baseline is written with the Cako font (made by the incredible studio of Violaine & Jérémy).

The typeface named Love (from the Violaine & Jérémy studio) is used for the rest of the visual identity and the titles; while Futura PT is used for the body text.

Speaking of the chosen typography, Christophe said, “A fairly strong contrast of styles that combine quite well, perfectly integrated into the brand’s environment.”

Rose Poudre business card


Colour Palette

Nomade Studio created a fairly wide colour palette in the visual identity, made up of several shades of pink, which according to Christophe, made perfect sense given the name of the institute means ‘powdery pink’ when translated in English.

“The palette consists of 7 colours including 4 shades of pink (rosewater, blush, peach and sienna). We also integrated two contrasting colours: moss green (a pine green) and aqua (a mint-coloured turquoise) to express a small point of modernity. The range is completed by an off-white called ivory.”

In addition to that, Nomade Studio integrated a special print finish for their collaterals: business cards, appointment cards, pricing leaflet, treatment book, bags, packaging etc.

“The rose gold hot gilding gave incredible added value to the brand’s supporting materials.”

“For the business cards, only 3 colours were used (blush, sienna and ivory) in order to keep it sober.”

“While the pricing leaflet, being much more complete (different sheets), were given more colours: the contrast of moss green (cover) with the blush pink (inside leaflet).”

Rose Poudre stationery

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Up to You, a small local printer in Liège, Belgium.

“The owner, Adrien Flament, works in a printing company during the day, and in his own print finishing workshop (screen printing, hot gilding, cutouts etc.) in the evenings. A craftsman with whom we share the same passion for paper.”

“The paper used for printing is called Malmero paper (from the Italian paper mill Cordenons), that is FSC-C012975 and uses no chlorine in its process. The paper is offset-printed in four-colour. Then, Adrien made the logo with hot gilding.”

Overall, it is an elegant and modern business card design that’s bound to make a lasting impression!

Rose Poudre business card2Rose Poudre appoimentment cardRose Poudre catalogue

Rose Poudre branding3Rose Poudre branding4Rose Poudre envelopeRose Poudre bags

Designed by Nomade Studio

Printed by Up to You

For Rose Poudré

Business Card Printing
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