Rhetores Language Centre Business Card

Rhetores Language Centre business cards

Ivan Dilberovic designed these business cards for Rhetores, a foreign language centre.

Rhetores is the Latin word for speakers and rhetoricians. The centre was formed by its founders to link their two great passions – language and speech – into a joint project.

Apart from its unique shape, the business card design is clean and has the story of its own. The logo is especially eye-catching with the colourful symbols.

Rhetores Language Centre logo construction


“Each language has different alphabet letters and pronunciations, which is why the logo is completely made of diacritics. Not to mention, the business card is in the shape of the speech bubble,” Ivan explained when asked about the inspirations behind his creative card design.

By combining the specific diacritics with the colours of the flag, the logo was able to reflect Rhetores’s vision perfectly.

Formed by visual codes of different countries, it is also capable of expressing a brand that’s both welcoming and receptive.

The shape of the business card gives a clear message, closely linked to the meaning of the word rhetores, suggesting speech. Just as a speech bubble in comic books!

These business cards were offset-printed by Kreativni Tisak, a printing company in Zagreb, Croatia. The cards were custom die-cut in the shape of a speech bubble.

Rhetores Language Centre business cardRhetores Language Centre logoRhetores business card

Rhetores business cardsRhetores Language Centre stationery

Designed by Ivan Dilberovic

Printed by Kreativni Tisak

For Rhetores Language Centre

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