Rayan Jewelers Business Card

Clean minimal business card mockup on wooden plate with dry plan

Gulkhanda designed these business cards for Rayan, a contemporary jeweler company which represents the luxury & fine handmade jewelry and watches for both genders.

The business card is designed not only to express the company’s identity but to appear sophisticated to the prospects as well.

“The logo design was inspired from the minimal typography and diamonds. It shows the creativity in the elegance and characters of the brand. The primary colour palette – black and white – was chosen for the logo on the card,” Gulkhanda said.

Rayan logo2Rayan logotype

Rayan also has a secondary logo that’s equally creative, with the letter ‘Y’ slightly stands out from the rest of the letters. A star above the ‘N’ symbolizes glamour and it’s a nice touch to the logotype.

“This typographical logo represents the work of elegance and finesse of Rayan Jewelers. The letter ‘Y’ is the play with typeface, such changes give simple words an outstanding look.”

These business cards are not printed. “For the business cards, the colour grey and black were chosen with textured effect on the card. I used sans serif font which I think is the best choice for such brands,” Gulkhanda added.

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Rayan business cardsRayan logoRayan logo3Rayan logo4

Designed by Gulkhanda

For Rayan Jewelers

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