Phalen Reed Graphic Design Business Card

Phalen Reed designed these business cards for her design studio that focused on branding and packaging design.

“After leaving my job to pursue freelance full-time, I wanted to start fresh with new personal branding. In addition to a redesign, new business cards were definitely in order,” Phalen said.


Phalen’s style is clean, detailed and layered with pops of colour. These were all the characteristics she wanted to incorporate into her business card design.

“For the front of the cards, classic typography was used in a fun layout that highlighted my specialties (brand and package design) and a call to action statement that read, ‘tell me about your project’.”

“To reflect my love of colour, there are six versions of the back of the card, each with a different background colour and my logo displayed prominently.”

These colourful business cards were printed by MOO.

“Since my new logo has the shape of an old-school seal, it seemed only fitting to apply that seal-like shine. I opted to do a spot gloss treatment on key details on my cards, such as name, contact information and logo. The spot gloss finish gave these business cards a beautiful shine!” Phalen said.

And that’s exactly what a brand needs to stand out from the crowd!

Designed by Phalen Reed

Printed by MOO

For Phalen Reed Graphic Design

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