Peccato Gourmet Supermarket Business Card

Peccato business card

Mar Cerdeira designed these business cards for Peccato, a gourmet supermarket in Mexico city.

The brand name, Peccato means ‘sin’ in Spanish. When asked about the inspiration behind it, Mar explained, “The origin of naming is for deadly sins and the pleasure of eating, ‘gluttony’.”

The overall design is eye-catching due to the well-chosen typography and beautiful illustration.

“The engraved illustration of an apple refers to the sin of Eve. To bring an elegant and luxurious style, I had used an art deco typeface and colour palette,” Mar said.

These business cards are not printed. We asked Mar to share with us her choice of printing and she replied, “The logo should be applied with black hot foil printing on 350g matte paper.”

Peccato business cardPeccato packing

Designed by Mar Cerdeira

For Peccato

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