Ords eCommerce Platform Business Card

Baianat Inc designed these business cards for Ords, an online eCommerce platform where buyers and sellers can get in touch and get deals done. By using the latest technology, Ords is able to provide a unique online shopping experience to their users.

The design concept was inspired from the initial letter of the brand, ‘O’, which when repeated, created a pattern that the designer at Baianat could rely on while shaping the identity. Vibrant colours were used against a dark background to get the web address stand out on the card. Also, keeping the front design minimal with limited colours created a distinct contrast to the striking back design.


These business cards are not printed yet and according to the design studio, they will be working with a digital printing technique with the basic papers as they need the cards to be more functional.

Overall, the business card design is interesting and effective enough for the prospects to recognize them from a pile of regular business cards!


Designed by Baianat Inc

For Ords

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