Nova Lina Interior Designer Business Card

Nova Lina business card

Elizabeth Jaouen designed these business cards for Nova Lina, a branding project for an interior designer named Mathilde Gonçalves.

The brand name Nova Lina comes from the word ‘Nova Linha’, which means ‘New Line’. As an interior designer, Mathilde wanted her visual identity to represent something sweet but professional, assertive and stable.

nova lina logo


“The inspirations for the logo came with what Mathilde wanted to transmit: focus on the interior design, drawing projects made by hand and the details that make the difference in a great project,” Elizabeth said.

The fonts involved in this visual identity including Magnel and Lato. The cube-shaped logo has a special representation for Mathilde’s brand. Instead of rigid lines, Elizabeth opted for hand-drawn effect which gives the brand a softer appearance.

Nova Lina brandingNova Lina cube_explain
“The shape of the cube comes from a perspective of the inside of a room; the lines made by hand represent her way of presenting projects while the texture, the fine details,” Elizabeth explained.

These business cards are not printed yet, but soon they will be – by MOO on cotton paper.

Nova Lina business cards

Nova Lina Pin Buttons NovaLina Stamp

Designed by Elizabeth Jaouen

For Nova Lina

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