Natalia Romero Graphic Designer Business Card

Natalia Romero designed these business cards for her self-branding as a freelance graphic designer based in Bogota, Colombia.

“The logo is a monogram based on my name’s initials, NR, through a minimalistic way, allowing it to be applied over the pattern I created without it getting confusing,” Natalia said.

“The pattern is inspired by the sunsets I saw throughout a long trip around Europe. It’s the union of forms, colours and patterns which crossed my path during my trip, for I am a believer that nature is the biggest source of inspiration and creativity, giving us infinite possibilities.” How true!

She explained further, “From said sunsets also came the colours that inspired me creatively for my personal image; pastel colours that transmit tranquility, neatness and are harmonious. In addition to this, they work perfectly when used with black or white. My personal image is a balance between what I am passionate about, what inspires me and how I reflect my work on said things.”

These business cards were printed on 350gr. matte coated paper by National Center for Graphic Arts in Bogotá, Colombia. According to Natalia, “The idea was that the paper would allow the colours to pop out from the pattern and at the same time for it to be resistant enough for its manipulation.”

Designed by Natalia Romero

Printed by National Center for Graphic Arts


For Natalia Romero personal branding

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