Mr. Bagelman Business Card

Two Bridges Design created these business cards for Mr.Bagelman, a chef based in Texas with a mission to create delicious, hand-made bagels.

“These business cards were created as part of a full brand design for Mr. Bagelman,” said Wells Collins, the Art Director of Two Bridges Design. “We mimicked his baking process and limited quality ingredients with a very minimal color pallet and a variety of halftone patterns.”

The visual impact is superb due to the illustrative logo, which is memorable with a vintage vibe. Above the contact info, there’s another illustration (almost like a sequential drawing) that shows a bagel been eaten – one bite after another. Talking about best bagels in Texas!

These business cards were printed by Vistaprint using premium Kraft cards that would match the rest of the brand’s raw tactile aesthetic.

Designed by Two Bridges Design


Printed by Vistaprint

For Mr. Bagelman

Business Card Printing
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