Merlin Wallace Interior Designer Business Card

Merlin Wallace business card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for Merlin Wallace, an interior designer who specializes in classic furniture.

Mike was approached by Merlin for the designing work. “Merlin wanted a personal monogram designed for himself that had a classic feel and reflected his classic style. Once I had designed his monogram I used it to create a pattern that I later used on his business card,” Mike said.

Merlin Wallace logo

Not only Mike created a stunning, sophisticated logo but he made the full use of it by turning it into a repeated pattern on the back of the card.

The logotypes integrated one another seamlessly and appeared fluid; further enhanced by embossing printing technique for that tactile experience!

These classy business cards were printed by Super Luxury Business Cards in UK. The cards were printed on 600gsm paper stock with an embossed pattern on the front and dark grey foiled logo on the rear.

Merlin Wallace business cardMerlin Wallace pattern designMerlin Wallace embossed card

Designed by Mike Knapek


Printed by Super Luxury Business Card

For Merlin Wallace

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