Maz Contemporary Carpentry Business Card

Griselda Martí & Pablo Ávila designed these business cards for Maz, a contemporary carpentry.

“Maz was the second generation of a family business (premium- by its service and quality materials) with a poor and old logotype. Due to that, the company had difficulties to contact with its real targets – interior designers, architects and premium construction companies,” Griselda said.

“Therefore, our aim was to change its image into a quality and contemporary brand through several methods, including changing the name from ‘carpentry’ to ‘contemporary carpentry’ for corporate issues and ‘dressing spaces’ for commercial ones; creating a new graphic logotype based on two colours – a powerful one (yellow) plus a neutral one that’s related to traditional carpentry uniforms.”

The brand name is printed on both sides of the card – with the letter ‘M’ on one side (with contact details) while ‘AZ’ on the other. The new design is recognizable and modern.

These business cards were printed by Grafiko, a printing company in Barcelona. To express the brand more effectively, screen printing method was applied onto the Materica Kraft paper, a high quality paper by Fedrigoni.


Designed by Griselda Martí & Pablo Ávila at Gris. Careful Design

Art direction by Griselda Martí

Naming by Nom-Nam

Photography by Jorge Vidal Orga

Printed by Grafiko

For Maz Contemporary Carpentry

Business Card Printing
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