Maya Restaurant Business Card

Maya business card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for Maya, a Mexican restaurant located in Cambridgeshire.

“I was delighted to be appointed to design a luxurious feeling brand identity for the new restaurant. I worked closely with the client to design a clean, sophisticated logo that communicates the culture and style of the restaurant,” Mike said.

Maya logo

The design inspirations for the embossing pattern on the card came from the design of the Mayan Calendar – a historic part of the Mexican history. The gold-foiled, Mayan feel logo is super catchy as well, not only giving the card a sophisticated feel but for great legibility as well.

These business cards were printed by Howards Print. According to Mike, “The card is embossed on one side and contains gold foil block on both sides. The feel of the card is nice and thick, which helps give it a premium feel.”

Overall, a stylish and modern business card design that will make a good first impression!


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Maya business card

Designed by Mike Knapek

Printed by Howards Print

For Maya

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