Marigold Quilts Business Card

Marigold Quilts business card

Courn Ahn designed these business cards for Marigold Quilts, a business that’s offering high quality quilting patterns and longarm quilting services.

Courn Ahn managed the visual identity and print design for the project. It is hoping that the new branding, which includes a brand new logo, colour system and business cards, Marigold Quilts is ready to inspire both new and old quilters alike. Apart from that, it also needed a design that can stand out from the competitors as well.

Marigold Quilts logo

Marigold Quilts logo and submarks
The business card design is a vibrant and colourful one. The back design of the card is particularly catchy due to the contrast colours and the playful shapes surrounding the brand’s initial ‘m’. The main logo consists of a hand-drawn type with shapes, referencing quilting pieces and the brand’s namesake. All elements contributed in creating a memorable first impression while expressing the brand effectively!

Marigold Quilts banner
The interesting colour palette was paired with a curated selection of typography choices and you can see them in all Marigold Quilts’s branding assets. With the right printing choices, there’s no doubt that Marigold Quilts business card can be easily recognized from a pile of regular cards.

Marigold Quilts business card

Marigold booklet cover Marigold booklet

Designed by Courn Ahn at Courtney Ahn Design

For Marigold Quilts

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