Lulu AlShaheen Personal Branding Business Card

Lulu AlShaheen business card

Kaye Huett designed these business cards for Lulu AlShaheen, a social media content creator and illustrator.

“Lulu wanted a visual identity that oozed happiness and light for her branding, social media content and illustration business. She wanted it to be creative, simple and happy and I had so much fun bringing all of the elements together,” Kaye said.

Lulu AlShaheen logoLulu AlShaheen logomark
“Lulu is her own brand and isn’t just a social media content creator, but also a creative/illustrator herself (which is where ‘content & creator’ came from) which is why I introduced the ‘Hello, my name is…’ style illustrations for her. She wanted a very fun, playful brand identity that would attract clients similar to herself.”

Lulu AlShaheen sticker
These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “We’d used a recycled card with a bit of texture and a matte finish for Lulu’s cards for that handmade feel,” Kaye suggested.

Lulu AlShaheen business cardLulu AlShaheen_stickerLulu AlShaheen social media

Designed by Kaye Huett

For Lulu AlShaheen

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