Lodoso Ceramic Lab Business Card

Lodoso ceramics business cards

Wikka designed these business cards for Lodoso, a ceramic laboratory based in Cancún, Mexico.

Not only do the business cards are colourful, but they also have a distinct shape with scalloped edge on two sides (instead of four).

The idea was to express the brand as a friendly, happy and playful brand.


Brand Image & Illustrations

Lodoso is both a workshop where pottery-making is taught, and a store that sells final products, such as vases, etc.

The brand name, Lodoso, means “muddy” in Spanish. Creating pottery requires people to create by getting their hands dirty.

It can also be a place where students can unwind and escape from their stressful lives while bonding over their shared interest in making pottery.

This is why Lodoso has a relaxed and casual brand image. The graphic proposal was based on the exact same ideas as well.

Apart from the unique business cards, Wikka also designed a special mascot and a set of illustrations for the brand collaterals.

They represent the pottery clay doing different activities, always with a fun and relaxed attitude, echoing the brand message.

Lodoso ceramics mascotLodoso ceramics illustration


Logotype and Scalloped Edge Card

The business cards took the initiative to go to the next level with their unique layout and complement the brand’s good vibe seamlessly!

According to Wikka, the business cards as well as the identity in general are inspired by ceramic clay. They proposed round shapes, alluding to that.

Same as the pictogram, the logo was designed to simulate having been created with mud.

“We custom-designed the rounded typeface specifically for this branding.”

“The typography alludes to the meaning of the project’s name ‘Lodoso’, which means ‘muddy’ in English, referring to the mud of ceramics.”

Another fun element is how the logotype appeared curved on the business card, which echoed its playful and creative nature.

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Also, it shows dynamic, which can be interesting for a ceramic-making brand.

Lodoso ceramics logo


Soft Colour Palette

The business cards come in multiple versions with fresh and fun colour combinations.

Wikka explained that it was the client’s request to use such colours from the beginning.

“She wanted the brand to use pastel colours.”

“Then, it was our job to analyse if it was a good decision.”

“In the end, we decided that it was, so we proposed it as requested.”


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Printeligencia, a printing company in Cancún, México.

According to Wikka, the business cards shown here are digitally printed on a basic paper and solely for portfolio presentation. They didn’t work with the client on the actual printing.

Even so, it’s clear to see that these business cards are unique enough to evoke curiosity and make that lasting impression on the card recipients.


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Designed by Wikka

Printed by Printeligencia

For Lodoso

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