Liberatorij Business Card

Liberatorij business cards

Izvorka Juric designed these business cards for Liberatorij, a personal branding for an ETF practitioner named Svetlana Del Vechio.

“The business card is part of the naming, verbal communication, and visual identity project for an ETF practitioner. The emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment method that offers to heal from physical and emotional pain and distress,” Izvorka said.

Liberatorij business cards2Liberatorij colour palette
EFT is also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure, a form of acupuncture that uses the fingertips to stimulate energy points on the body.

The brand name, Liberatorij (‘Liberatory’) was created by merging of the words ‘liber-’ (the root of the word, freedom) and ‘laboratory’. According to Izvorka, it’s a place where people come to learn how to release emotions, restore lost harmony and energy balance.

Liberatorij logo animation

“The visual identity directly communicates the results of the therapy – liberation. So, all elements of identity, such as the logo letters, are liberated in space. On the business card, the logo letters stretch on both sides as if hovering in space freely,” Izvorka explained.

“As the tagline says, ‘Be aware. Feel it. Free yourself.’ The brand image communicates the results of therapy to its users – liberation (from fears or addictions).”

These business cards were printed by Cerovski, a printing company in Croatia.

“The cards were offset-printed with one colour (black); with embossing of the logo letters on white Munken Polar paper,” Izvorka said.

Liberatorij_business cards2Liberatorij business cardLiberatorij_business cardLiberatorij stationeryLiberatorij_business card2Liberatorij_business card3Liberatorij_business card4Liberatorij letterheadLiberatorij documentLiberatorij stampLiberatorij branding

Designed by Izvorka Juric at Design Bureau Izvorka Juric

Printed by Cerovski

For Liberatorij

Business Card Printing
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