Les Nemours Cinema Business Card

Thibault Savoyen designed these business cards for Cinéma Les Nemours, an art-house cinema located in Annecy, France.

“The Nemours is an old cinema that still uses a projectionist, whereas modern cinemas are digital. For the logo design of Les Nemours, I went through the process of unwinding the movie reel. The ‘O’ – which is the central letter – unwinds like a reel, to remind us of the way a film is played in a movie theater,” Thibault explained.

Les Nemours LogoLes Nemours animationLes Nemours logo animation
The typography used in the visual identity is called Bebas. According to Thibault, “I wanted to give a touch of modernity with the typography, with a ‘wink’ to the film reel.”

“Basically, my goal was to create a unique and authentic visual by bringing a special touch to the history of cinema, represented here by the roll-out of a film reel. Favoring a design with minimalist yet dynamic shapes, the result exudes freshness and lightness.”

Les Nemours_business cardLes Nemours business card
Black and coral red were used in the colour palette with the former represents the dark effect of a movie theater while the latter, to recall the curtains of the movie theater. “This is a ‘wink’ to the colour of the city,” Thibault said.

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These business cards were printed by Kalistene, a local printing company. According to Thibault, they wanted textured business cards but due to the Covid-19 crisis, budgets are limited. So, they printed the cards on eco-friendly paper with natural grain.

Les Nemours business cardsLes Nemours business card1Les Nemours business card2Les Nemours_business cardsLes Nemours website Les Nemours branding

Designed by Thibault Savoyen at Pölar

Printed by Kalistene

For Les Nemours

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